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"I appreciate all the hard work you do so that the kids can have such an enjoyable
experience. Asa loves his classes that he takes and is dancing ALL the TIME.
Home, school, church, wherever. He's dancing."- Jodi

"Very thankful for you and your studio, you have no idea the positivity and
confidence it has brought to Braylon! Happy to know others take notice too!"

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to tell you that while I was looking at all the pics from last
night, I had a true sense of appreciation for what you and the instructors do for my
children. I think Nadine has been molded into such a hardworking, maturing
dancer and I can see her pushing herself to get better and advance.  It also means
the world to me that Hannah is included in Funk Lab world in the little ways that
she is.  She really enjoys Sensory Swag and even small things like hair braiding
and painting keep her involved, which makes it a true family affair for us.  What an
awesome person you are. That is all!"- Melissa

"Thank you for this season of opportunities for Egan!  He is LOVING it and King
and I are often awestruck to see the work ethic he has at a ridiculously young age.  
It does not go unnoticed that you and Cortney have fostered his love of dance and
made him feel supported and emboldened." Ingrid

"I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate and admire the
studio and all the talent that comes in. It's an amazing new hobby of mine and I
wanted to thank you for being a good teacher and maintaining such a great studio"
- Sol

"I just want to take a moment to thank you for encouraging my son to audition for
Electronz this weekend. No matter what the results are, he was so proud to have
Miss Cortney ask him personally. The positivity you encourage with the process is
terrific and he had so much fun and gained a lot of confidence from the process.
Thank you for Funk Lab and what it offers young people." -Erin

"This studio is something you would expect in LA"- Pamela

"Tony really liked the instructor tonight... really taught them the history and what
each move is... very entertaining with the kids and kept their attention."- Evelyn

"Kelly we had so much fun today. Thank you for inviting Vincent to be apart of
Funk Lab. You have a great group of kids. They are all talented and amazing."-

"You are so good with the kids Kelly! I cant wait to see how Landon progresses
through the next few months! "- Holly

"Ethan had so much fun! He told me he loved his new dance class! "- Jennifer

"Class was great, as usual" - Alyssa

"i dont know who gets more excited, us or Reese"- Amanda

"If I haven't said it before, let me say it now....thank you FunkLab for providing our
kids with a place for them to learn, have fun and build self confidence in
themselves!"- Cindy

"Thanks for always being so easy to come and talk to ...that means alot!  I can
truely see you have a love for dance and for the children!! "- Amy

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a FABULOUS show you put
on Friday night!  SO much talent!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire
show…twice…counting rehearsal. " J

"I really do love Funk Lab and Mason is always showing off his moves- so I
appreciate you working with me to make sure the class time is as beneficial as
possible! "- Sara

"Cameron loved it and my husband said he did awesome. He has been practicing
his moves and can't wait to go back." Jennifer

"She has said it’s lots of fun and she enjoys you very much.  She has even said
she has started to get to know a few girls and they are nice. "- Tracy

"Just wanted to let you know that my step-daughters and I had an abolsute blast
last Sunday. I can not thank you enough for bringing everybody together to
participate in such a cool event."- Kris

"Please, let all the girls know how wonderful they are and how much I truly
appreciated their time and patience with Joey.  All of you gave me back the hope
that Joey will be able to enjoy all of those fun extracurricular activities that a
"typical" child (if their really is one ;-)  gets to enjoy.  For that and all of the smiles
he had while in class I will always be truly thankful!"- Amber

"I just wanted to thank you and Cortney again for an AWESOME birthday party on
Saturday. Soren was soooo happy!! His friends had a lot of fun, too, and hopefully
some of them will end up taking classes. Many of the parents told me how much
they enjoyed the party." Aimee
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