Q.) Is the tuition rate per class or per month?
A.)  Tuition, typically $35 or $45 is due per month. Classes are weekly.

Q.) How often does class meet?
A.) Each class meets once per week at the same time and day.

Q.) If I want to pay in full for the year, will I get a discount?
A.) Families who choose to pay their tuition in full before October 1, will receive a 10%
discount.  This does not include costume or recital fee.  Families opting for the discount
should calculate their annual tuition (monthly class tuition multiplied by 9) and subtract
10%.  Once the payment is made by the deadline, the discount will be entered by our office

Q.) What is your typical class size?
A.) Classes for children under the age of 6, typically have 8 students.  Classes for children
aged 6-14 typically have 12-14 students.  Classes for ages 15-adult typically have 14-18

Q.) When do classes start?
A.) Classes begin the week of September 5.  There is no class on Labor Day.

Q.) When is the season completed?
A.) The season is finished the last week in May 2018.

Q.) What are my obligations?
A.) You are only obligated on a month to month basis.  However, if you want to quit before
the end of the season, you MUST notify the office or you will continue to be billed.  We do
not remove tuition charges for families who fail to drop their classes.  This is because your
student is taking the spot of someone else during this time and incurring other fees for our

Q.) When is your cutoff date for registration?
A.) We take new students through the end of December at which point we close
registration until summer.