Thank you for choosing Funk Lab for your dance and creative art lessons.  


The staff at Funk Lab spend countless hours in bringing you the coolest and cleanest studio in the
area. Please respect the property and its belongings.   Food, gum and beverages are not allowed in the
dance studio. Water bottles are encouraged and the only exception to this rule.   All bathroom and water
visits are to occur before and/or after class.  Cell phones must be turned off!!  Social conversations
should be reserved for before and after class.  


There is plenty of free parking in the lot adjacent to the studio.


All registered students are required to be on auto-payments for the 2017-2018 season.  Families must
submit a valid credit card prior to starting their first class.  An electronic statement will be mailed on the
25th of the month prior to when tuition is due.  Credit cards will be charged on the 1st of every month.   
Families may opt to pay with check or cash prior to the withdrawal date to avoid autodraft.
Families may opt out of the credit card process ONLY by submitting post-dated monthly checks and
paying a $10 monthly administrative fee.  Students will be billed and charged monthly tuition from
September-May 2017.

*Tuition is the same amount each month regardless of the number of classes. Money is not refunded
for missed lessons for any reason. There is a $25.00 charge on all returned checks. All accounts must
be current prior to the annual show performance or participation may be canceled. Tuition is the same
regardless if the month has 3,4,or 5 classes scheduled. Annual tuition is based upon the total number
of classes for the year and then divided by 9 months for your convenience.  Money will not be refunded
for any reason.


If you would like to drop a class, you must notify Funk Lab via EMAIL 7 days prior to last class.   
Students will be charged until notification is received and up until the 7th day from notification.  Students
must drop prior to the 23rd to avoid being charged the subsequent month. Funk Lab will not remove
past charges or refund payments if families fail to drop from classes. Please do not assume your drop
notification has been received until a member of our office returns your email.  


Cards that are not able to be processed due to being invalid, expired or with insufficient funds will be
rerun on the 3rd of the month.  All families with balances on the 4th will be charged a late fee of $20,
contacted by our billing manager and classes paused until payment can be made.  Tuition will continue
to accrue during this time unless family drops from class.  This is due to the class space being held for
that student.  


If a student misses a class, it can be made up during the month in which they were absent.  No refund
will be given for missed classes. Classes that are canceled by the studio will be rescheduled.


If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather such as snow and ice, there will be a
recorded message on the answering machine after 2:30 P.M.  that will say “classes have been cancele
d”.  A similar message wil be placed on the website.   Please do not ask for us to call you back and let
you know if classes are canceled. We just don’t have enough time to call everyone back. There will be
NO reduction of tuition.  


Private lessons are available at an extra charge. These may be used for extra practice if you have
missed several lessons and need to catch up. Enrollment is very limited.  


Loose, baggy and stylized clothing is appropriate for Hip Hop. You must have complete freedom of
movement.  All pants must be longer than the knee (when legs bent). Long-sleeve shirts are
preferable.  Kneepads and  knitted ski hats are recommended for bboy/bgirl classes.  


Footwear is very important in Hip Hop for comfort, style and tread.  Street shoes can be worn but they
must have non-marking soles and must be clean.  Contemporary students dance barefoot.  


Hip Hop costumes are assigned in November when a $45 costume fee is charged.  Teen and adult
classes are charged $50.  
 Students will be measured by either the instructor or office assistance.  
Costumes will be delivered in February.  Therewill be no refunds on costumes for students who quit
prematurely.  Nor, will there be an account creditprovided.  


This four-hour dance event showcases the talents of each Funk Lab class.  It also includes area hip
hop crews and includes acts by other area hip hop performers.  This usually takes place on a Friday
evening in
April   There is a $5 door charge, proceeds benefiting Funk Lab Crews.


This end of the year concert allows each dancer to perform the routine they learned in class. The recital
will typically be held the
first weekend in June.  There will be a $40 fee per family to cover facilities and


Unless otherwise noted, Funk Lab reserves the right to publish photographs and video footage of
students on the following web pages/websites: www.funklabdayton.com, Funk Lab Facebook page,
Funk Lab Youtube and also Funk Lab Instagram.  Please notify Kelly if you do not wish to participate.


You are the best judge of your child’s health and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the studio.


Funk Lab does not assume responsibility for any injuries occurring at the studio.  However, we will do
everything possible to ensure a safe environment for each dancer.  We take safety very seriously.



*Down With DYT* takes place in the fall includes Master Faculty specializing in Hip Hop Choreography.
*Illmovez*, takes place in the spring and includes Master Faculty specializing in Underground Hip Hop.  
These are  required for crew and jr. crew.  The cost is $50 per event.


Students are selected by teacher based upon ability.  Students will be advanced when the teacher
decides and not based upon the number of years spent at a particular level.  The teacher will cast
competitors,small groups, and soloists.


Crew are required to purchase a competitor hoodie and graffiti sweatpants.  Students are to wear their
uniform with pride.  Remember you are a representative of the studio.  Uniforms should be worn on
stage during all competition award ceremonies and certain performances.


Choreography students generally attend three competitions a year.  Historically, the competitions are
local or up to 2 hours away.  Dates are decided in
August.  The exact length or schedule for each
competition is not available until the week of the competition.  Therefore, until the dates are chosen, it is
wise to keep the entire weekend free.  It is up to each family to provide for transportation, lodging,
expenses, etc.


Competition workshops will be held in August prior to the next competition season.  The workshop is
required for choreography rehearsal enrollees only.


The portrait session for both crews takes place every September  in Dayton.  The photographer, Alison
Kamper, charges a standard fee and supplies a picture CD with copyright release. The fee has been
$45, per student in the past.  


Private lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled if missed due to conflict with crew events.  These
lessons will not be rescheduled or refunded when student cancels either.