Tuition and Bill Payment

2016-2017 SEASON

Registration Fee- $20 per family- due upon enrollment.  
Recital- $40 per family- due February 1, 2017
Costume Fee- $45- due November 1, 2016

30 min. class- $33 (ages 3-5 only)
45 min. class- $44
60 min. class- $49
Crew Core Class- $49
Private Lesson (1-30 min. class weekly)- $95 per month
Duets (1-30 min. class weekly)- $49 per month
Trios (1-30 min. class weekly)- $39 per month

-$15 off every 3rd class per family
-10% off tuition when entire year's tuition and fees are paid in full by October
1, 201
-$300/month unlimited group classes (does not include private or
instruction) per student.

Trial Classes are not currently offered.  You are welcome to
come and observe any class you desire for no charge.
Late Fee- $20

All registered students are required to be on auto-payments
for the 2016-2017 season.  Families must submit a valid
credit card prior to starting their first class.  An electronic
statement will be mailed on the 25th of the month prior to
when tuition is due.  Credit cards will be charged on the 1st
of every month.   Families may opt to pay with check or cash
prior to the withdrawal date to avoid autodraft.

Families may opt out of the credit card process ONLY by
submitting post-dated monthly checks and paying a $10
monthly administrative fee.  

Students will be billed and charged monthly tuition from
September-May 2017.  


If you would like to drop a class, you must notify Funk Lab via
EMAIL 7 days prior to last class.   Students will be charged
until notification is received and up until the 7th day from
notification.  Students must drop prior to the 23rd to avoid
being charged the subsequent month. Funk Lab will not
remove past charges or refund payments if families fail to
drop from classes. Please do not assume your drop
notification has been received until a member of our office
returns your email.  


Cards that are not able to be processed due to being invalid,
expired or with insufficient funds will be rerun on the 3rd of
the month.  All families with balances on the 4th will be
charged a late fee of $20, contacted by our billing manager
and classes paused until payment can be made.  Tuition will
continue to accrue during this time unless family drops from
class.  This is due to the class space being held for that

*Funk Lab does not issue refunds for any reason.  

Your username is the email address
we have on file.  You may reset your
password if you have forgotten or
contact our office.